Hello, my name is Jude Bissoon! I'm a web developer based in Johnston, Iowa.

I was born in New York and lived there for 6 years. In 2006, My family and I moved to Iowa and have lived there since. I went to a private school during my grade school years and graduated from high school in summer of 2018.

In Fall of 2018, I started my college career at DMACC, majoring in Mechanical Engineering, AAS. In summer of 2019, I decided to change my major to Web Development, AAS. In the fall, I took my first web development class, “Intro to HTML and CSS”, and as of Fall 2022, I’ve accumulated skills that allow me to both design, build, and tune websites to likings of my clients. As I continue my career in Web Development, I hope to increase my knowledge and continue to build up my skills to better satisfy future employers and clients.

Other interests of mine include gaming, photography, music (both playing and listening), volunteer work at my church, and DIY house projects.

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